Saturday, September 14, 2013

2BD28 Texture Tweaking

For this week's lesson, Kim had us take one of her textures and tweak it in Adobe Camera Raw to come up with 3 variations.  This easier than I thought it might be--I now have to resist the temptation to fill up my hard drive with umpteen variants of textures.  It's pretty amazing that you can get so many different looks out of 1 original just by playing with the sliders in Camera Raw.  Temperature and Tone can change the color; Clarity and Vibrance can change the amount of grit / grunge ...

Once we had our texture variations, Kim had us set them in a 4-square layout.  This has been the easiest method yet -- in my eyes.  Stacking them in layers, then pulling them out and using the crop tool to extend the canvas.   I added a snowflake brush in the center to tie it all together--kind of like a seal to brand them from the same family.

Beyond Layers

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Beverly said...

I agree with you about how easy it is to make changes to a texture with a few sliders, and quite fun to do. These are really good looking with a lot of grit and grunge, yet pretty colors. Love the snowflake in the center stamping them into a sweet Michele Collection. Nicely done!