Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red Leaf

Found this leaf a few weeks ago.  A tree was turning in August already, so I took the leaves home and pressed them overnight.  Then I ook a photo with a 'blank" background and used it as a canvas for textures. 


This one has several textures to it, but the main one you see is one of 2 Lil Owls' Artist Grunge Textures. 

I actually did up a version of this with words, but I like the "silent" version above better.  Gives some space to breathe ...

Here's the oh-so-simple image I started with. 
Happy Fall!


The Idaho Beauty said...

So rich, so beautiful. Makes me not quite so sorry to know fall is just around the corner.

Beverly said...

Love the contrast of the beautiful burgundy leave and the grungy texture. Yes, the single leaf is perfect!