Monday, September 02, 2013

2BD27 : Takin' It to the Street : Part 2

These guys were kind enough to let me take pictures of them playing their songs.  

Another round of Street Photography.  This time in downtown Oshkosh on a Saturday evening.
There were a few people in the Park with the huge sun dial.  
Perfect subjects for this assignment!

 All of these were processed in LightRoom 5 with basic adjustments.  
Most of them were black-and-whitified with given LightRoom Presets.  
Kim recommended the LR Infrared Preset, but that just blew all of these.  
I preferred the BW Preset Look 4 most of the time for a balanced black-and-white.  

I think I even recognized a few of their songs.  ;-)
Looks like college is back in session.  The new school year starts in just a few days.
Watching the World go by on a Saturday Night.
 These two were having an intense discussion.  
Made me feel like I was on the streets of New York City!

  This one seems like a good book end to leave with.   The Guys doing their thing outside of The Exclusive Company (a local record store -- Yes, they still have those!).  
The light was fading fast.

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