Monday, September 02, 2013

Round Trip Day 7 : Tea with the Famous 5 in Calgary

In July, I took a trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.  On the way there and back, we had a few days to explore downtown Calgary where we discovered this delightful and moving sculpture garden with 5 women from the 1920s having a tea party in the park.  It was just so inviting--We saw many women walk through and BE with these bronze ladies from 1928.  They invite you to reach out and touch them, sit with them ...  It's a very inviting sculpture.  That's why I'm holding the hand of one of them.   Many people sat in the chair to join the tea party, too.  Solidarity!

When we got back to the hotel, I had to find out more about the story.    They are Canada's Famous 5 or The Valient 5.  One of the bronze ladies held a petition that said, "Women are Persons."  I thought it kind of odd that that would even need to be stated--of course we're persons!  But there it was -- not even 100 years ago.  It brought tears to my eyes.  These were the feminists of their time.  I am grateful for the ground they broke, in another country.  One of them wanted to run for the Canadian equivalent of Congress.  The old-boys club that ran it didn't like the idea of a woman in the Senate, stating plainly that "persons" did not include women--or did it?  So these ladies had a tea party to strategize.  They wrote the petition to ask that very question and took it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.  They made it official--once women were officially and legally declared "persons," they could be appointed to The Canadian Senate (among other things).  Who-hooh!

I only have 3 of the Famous 5 represented above, but I hope it still demonstrates the power of the installation and their story.  There is still much work to be done worldwide for Women's Rights--which I would argue are Human Rights. 

Still having lots of troubles with Light Room, though I'm grateful for Kim Klassen's Round Trip Class, or I'd really be lost!  This is the screenshot workaround.  This gives you a better idea of the print layout I had in mind, including the lost image.  Grumble-grumble. 

Light Room 5 Print Layout with a lost image.   ;-(

Here I was going along, adding keywords in Light Room, working up the 4 images with various adjustments, making a collection of the Famous 5 Ladies in Bronze, flagging the ones I wanted to include in the final layout, creating the print layout ...  Everything seemed to be going along great -- Until I tried to Print-to-File when LR tells me that one of the images can't be found ...  What?  It's right there!  I can see it--I've been working with it for the last 2 hours!  What are you telling me--can't find it?!?   This is what LR saved with a giant hole in the lower right quadrant.  

So then I remember that I can have LR look for the missing images--but that didn't seem to be telling me anything either.  It wasn't finding them.   Frustration! 

I finally took a screen shot of the 4-square image in the LR5 Layout as I had intended it and went back to Picassa.  I know it's a lower quality, and that using Picassa (a second catalog) may be part of my problem.  But I felt like I was hot-on-the-trail of something, and didn't want to lose steam.  So I pulled the workaround screenshot into PSE and added a few textures, and the bottom title border.  

After a break and a long walk, I came back and did some detective work. I tracked down the "correct" hands image.  The others must have been copies.  I still don't understand LR's use of copied images and why you can't actually use them.  If I can see it, I should be able to use it, right?  Trouble is, I'd made adjustments to the first one I chose to use (made it warmer and less brassy in the sun), and didn't want to go through all that again on the original for fear of losing it again.    

I did eventually get it to work like it should between LightRoom and PhotoShop Elements.  But then Blogger wouldn't upload the new pics--even though I went through the steps to re-size them for the web.  You get the idea of what I what I was trying to do with this assignment.  I feel bad that the Story of the Famous 5 is getting lost in my frustrations with LR. 

Once I got into PhotoShop Elements, here's the processing step-by-step :
1) Background Image saved as a jpg 2x2 or 4-square
2) Kim Klassen's Kristin Texture - Soft Light blend mode at 100%
3) Use crop tool to stretch the canvas to add a Title border along the bottom
     Fill this space with Kim Klassen's Naturally Texture - Normal 100%
4) Text  - Windsong Font - Burgundy color - Normal - 89%

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