Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gold Door and Scooter in Toulouse

Gold Door & Scooter in Toulouse, France - May 2014

 I was channeling my inner Kat Sloma when I took this shot.  Kat is known for capturing scooters on virtual film, especially in Europe--and they are everywhere in Europe!   (Really, Kat, this one's for you!)   As soon as I saw it walking the city streets of Toulouse,  this scene made itself!  The tall gold doors coupled with the horizontal stripes on the other garage-type door, along with the idea of movement and mobility in the scooter.   I took the shot,  added a few textures and voi la!

Image Processing in PhotoShop Elements :
1) Background image
2) Nancy Clayes Texture nc_0607 - Multiply Blend Mode at 34% opacity
3) Kim Klassen's Sissy Texture - Soft Light at 34%
4)  Kim Klassen's Rest Magic - Luminosity at 13%
5)  Shadowhouse Creations M08-2012-3 Overlay Texture - Screen at 56%
6) Added a solid color frame in black (a la Kim Klassen) - Soft Light Blend Mode at 76% opacity

Of course, I couldn't stop there ...   I had to play some more.
Here are 2 versions from the Waterlogue App on my iPad (BEFORE all the PSE work) :

Bold Color Waterlogue Preset

 Rainy Waterlogue Preset

Here's the original street scene taken in Toulouse, France last May.

Sharing with  The Texture Artists FaceBook Group and Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.



Kat Sloma said...

That is awesome! I love it (as you knew I would). Thanks for sharing it with me! I wish I was there with you.

Viv@within the Frame said...

Love it this is so European but more French than anything else I think it is the door...

EarlK said...

Wonderful street scene. Great processing.