Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Barns of Wisconsin Series

I've worked up this particular photo in the past, fiddling with settings in Light Room, but I was never really happy with it.  I do like this version much better, though. 

Here's the recipe in PhotoShop Elements :
Layer 1 : Background Image (minus some power lines)
Layer 2 : Old Paper Action - Normal 78% opacity
Layer 3 : Old Photo Action - Normal 74%
Layer 4 : 2 Lil Owls Grandeur 1 Texture - Soft Light 100%
Layer 5 : Copy Layer 4 - Multiply 64%
Layer 6 : 2LO French Brocante 1-24 Texture - Soft Light 44%
Layer 7 : 2LO Cracked 1 Texture - Soft Light 57%

Posting to the Texture Artists FaceBook Group.


Beverly said...

What a fantastic large, old Barn Michele! A great composition, and all the textures and layers gave it an authentic feeling/mood. Beautiful work!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah - the beginnings of the focus on Wisconsin's old barns. This really does look like an old old photo pulled out of the bottom of a cardboard box. And the barn - well, it looks in rather good shape. Catch 'em before they fall...