Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Well-Travelled Padfolio

Written by guest blogger, Sheila Barnes at Idaho Beauty ...  These are all pictures I sent to Sheila after returning from our trip in May.   Sheila originally posted here.

Autumn Trees padfolio checking out the old city gate in Marvejols, France
Remember the padfolio I made earlier this year for an exchange with Michele in Wisconsin? Michele had mentioned that she planned to take it with her on a trip to France and Scotland, which in itself pleased me. But imagine my surprise and delight when pictures of my traveling padfolio showed up in my e-mail!
Autumn Trees padfolio enjoying the view of the harbor at Portree, Isle of Skye, Scottland
Years ago, back when I was entering my quilts in shows all over the country, I had that realization that they were better traveled than I. Now the padfolio is even more so as it has become an international traveler! Michele noted that it was very handy for jotting down lists and information and the pocket for storing receipts on the go.
Autumn Trees padfolio contemplating stone walls, sheep & the tip of Skye
I've given away quite a few of these padfolios in various designs but wouldn't you know, I've never made one for myself. However, Michele's journal that I got as part of the exchange HAS been put to good use - I've nearly filled it with life lessons and musings. My padfolio will have to wait - I've gotten an offer of a painting in exchange for a similar version of Autumn Trees. It's next on the to-do list.
Michele braving the windy & cold tip of Skye
Thank you, Michele, for thinking to do this. It's really fun to see that padfolio and you having such a great time!

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