Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 63 : Truth and Shapes

The lesson today was to look around and concentrate on finding squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and converging lines.  Most of the pictures I took for this lesson are pragmatic, and not beautiful, so I won't bore you with pictures of paint cracking into squares and rectangles.    I'm a huge fan of Texture, so this lesson was kind of a natural extentsion of how I see the world anyway.

Since I did so well with selling journals this year at the Craft Sale a few weeks ago, I decided to take some of the proceeds to restock some of my supplies--so I can make more journals!  I found this lovely set of vintage buttons on Etsy.  I had some black felt and painted cheesecloth out on my work surface at the time I was looking over my new bling!  I really liked the juxtoposition of the geometric buttons with the organic ocean wave-like quality of the cheesecloth.   So I took a picture.    ;-)    This is the image pretty much as it was taken.  No additional processing needed.   Enjoy!

These buttons will keep me in journal closures for quite some time!


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