Saturday, December 08, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 60 : Scripted Images

My theme for 2012 has been Story.   The open milkweed pod is perfect for text.  Even the old milkweed pod has a story to tell at the end of it's season. 

 This version follows Kim's recipe a little more closely.   
Maya Angelou's quote seemed fitting, though it was a little tricky to get it to fit in the alotted space.   Even if you're not ready to tell someone else your story, it helps to get it out on the pages of a journal at the very least.  

Here's the original image straight out of my camera.  It's my photography journal--ironically, it contains not a single photograph.  Just notes and sketches for photos I want to capture/create.  I've been struggling with this particular image for weeks now, adding textures, playing with Actions but nothing really quite worked -- until now.  The scripted textures Kim gave us for this lesson were just the thing!  What better way to honor the pages of a journal than with a scripted texture!


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Anonymous said...

I like that story one. Good idea, that. --CL