Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 64 : Warmth and Light

In today's lesson, Kim gave us some options for masking out the texture from a section of the image.  In this case, I erased some of the texture from the old milk bottle vase.  I followed Kim's recipe pretty faithfully, but added an additional layer of texture.

I used two of Kim Klassen's lovely textures : Jay and Kristin.

Here's my original photo straight out of the camera,  taken in natural, but diffused light earlier this fall.  I had actually purchased the bouquet of dried milkweeds at Farmer's Market one day.  After that was I seeing dried milkweed pods everywhere ...  I wouldn't mind at all if they grew in my yard.  This is what monarch butterfly caterpillars live on.


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Beverly said...

Michelle, this is simply lovley!!! I love milkweed pods too, and also thought about getting them to grow in my yard (hubby may not like that)! :) Love these two textures from Kim!