Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange 2012

This year, I participated in a Handmade Gift Exchange coordinated by Julia Wilkins at Henhouse Pottery.

I'm at the point in my life where I don't really need any thing.  The house is full; I'm comfortable; My needs are taken care of.  I was looking for the sweet experience of opening the mailbox this month with all the anticipation and expectation of a package filled with  something handmade.

So I sent off my gifts (Sweet Leaf Notebook Journals, silk scarves, and a glove doll), hoping to spread a little holiday cheer for the recipients, and wondering what would come back to me ...

Here's what came :

Pottery spoon rest with an antique spoon from Julia Wilkins.  So practical and earthy and pretty!

Crocheted Bell Ornament from Lilley Tibbitts in Utah.
Reminds me of the crocheted snowflakes and ornaments my Gramma used to make.  Nice memory!


Knitted scarf and cap by Cyndi Fowler in UT.
Beautiful!  I never did learn to knit--never got past the stage of impossibly tight stitches. 

The funny thing is : As soon as I opened the scarf and hat, my husband claimed the scarf!  He's a difficult person to get gifts for, as he doesn't need or want anything either.  I think he loved this handmade gift exchange even more than I did!

The spoon rest has been in my studio for a few days awaiting pictures for this blog post.  He is anxious to put it into service ; "I have spoons that need a place to rest!"  He's the cook at our house, and he will use it!

Thank you Everyone who participated and sent mail to a stranger. 
Until next year ...

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