Monday, December 03, 2012

Composed Fabric : New Works from Old Scraps

 I had my best day ever at the UU  Craft Sale in Appleton on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who turned out to buy my wares!  The economy must be picking up.  Hurray!

When I got back home to my studio, I was anxious to re-stock, so I worked on some composed fabric sheets to use for journal covers (or fabric post cards or ATCs or anything else I want to do with 'em).

Here are the basic instructions for making Sweet Leaf Composed Fabric.  I tried a few things different with this batch :
1) I used sheer black silk instead of tulle to capture all the bits.  The tulle has a strange inorganic / synthetic feel to it.  I was looking for something smoother and silkier.
2) I used E Felt as the base layer for 2 of these.  This is kind of a starched felt that is easy to work with as the base layer.  99 cents a sheet at Hobby Lobby.  It works well--I just wish it was cut large enough to get 2 covers out of it.
3) Regular felt also works well.  And the beauty is that I can cut it to whatever size I like.

Scraps from the Red Spice / Marsh Sunset Quilt, which has yet to be quilted.  Ah--someday maybe in 2013?

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