Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 96 : Another Photo Challenge

Kim's assignment this week was to process another of Kim's sample pics with a given texture. 
Here is my rendering.  

Photo Processing Layer by Layer
Layer 1 : Kim's sample pic
Layer 2 : Copy Layer 1 -
                RadLab : Vanilla Kiss - Fuzzy Navel - EZ Burn 2 - Rusty Cage
Layer 3 :  Text - Papyrus Normal Blend Mode - 73% opacity
Layer 4 : Kim Klassen's Magic Chalk Texture ; Screen blend mode

Kim's sample pic :



Mary Ann Roesler said...

Your color and quote have great impact. I had trouble reading what you posted with the background...eyes not as good as they use to be!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

I really liked your color palette and quote. How True~