Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 94 : Circle Play

This week at Beyond Layers II, Kim gave us a lesson on Circles, using the elliptical marquee tool to make a blog header (or some such).   My theme is Baba Yaga, the iconic witch from Russian folk tales.  You know the one whose house dances around on chicken legs.    I have been fascinated with that since I first heard the story.  

The image of her cottage is from my own sketchbook.    I had to add the bird tracks to the empty space below the title.  It was begging for it!  Another important symbol associated with Baba Yaga is the flaming skull.   The stripes are from an alabere (stitched resist) cloth from Nigeria.  I thought it looked kind of like the birch forest where Baba Yaga lived. 

Would you believe the background texture is a picture from the sub-floor in our kitchen?  It's true -- Gotta preserve that before it get's ripped up in the renovation!

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CatieAn said...

HI I came by your blop via the postcard swap site. This is a very interesting piece and hearing the different aspects that led to the layers/texture make it even more so. Good job.