Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 98 Beyond Layers Wallpaper

For today's Beyond Layers Lesson, Kim encouraged us to design some computer desktop wallpaper.  So I took a few of my favorite photos from the past and resized them for MacBook Air and iPad (because that's what I have at home).  The hardest part was resizing them to the appropriate aspect ratios. 

The top pic is a Macro-in-a-Mason-Jar from a lamp I have--a Mason jar filled with Christmas ornaments.  I won't apologize for loving bling!  It made me happy.   I actually did use this one as wallpaper for a time.

 I caught this little whirlpool last summer on a trip to Alaska.  We went out kayaking for an afternoon.
It's similar to the ready-made wallpaper I picked for my iPad--the one with water ripples.  I'll try this one out for a while and see how it goes.  

Here's another one from our trip to Alaska last summer.  This is the train coming in to Denali National Park.  My husband caught this shot.  I always thought it looked like a postcard.


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