Sunday, March 24, 2013

Missives from Quilt Camp

Quilt Camp this Winter/Spring was at Silver Birch Ranch not far from where I grew up in Northern Wisconsin.   It was a "Do Your Own Thing" Weekend with quilters and scrapbookers.  So I didn't feel bad working on PhotoShop there, either.   I actually spent some time working on the Baba Yaga's Cottage banner posted last week.  ;-)

The Threaded Timber Tree (by HD Designs) above was the main project I wanted to work on this weekend.  I got it cut out on Friday night (Not as bad as you might think with the proper tools--a little tiny rotary cutter and some sharp scissors with a spring to open them).   I even managed to do some decent mitered corners on the borders.  Those are always a challenge for me.  Now to let it sit and simmer a while, while I figure out how to quilt it ...

I had this quilt top (It was a kit from Connecting Threads a while back) done at home, but I wanted to sandwich it for quilting on the big tables we'd have available at Quilt Camp.  I have a pretty good set-up for quilting at home now, but not for laying it out and doing the sandwiching.     I'm still thinking about just HOW to quilt it --  I'm getting closer to a final quilting design. 

Here's a closeup of the flying geese.  I used the 1-seam method to make the geese, so there are little pockets behind the triangles.   The single seam runs perpendicular down the back of the triangle.  I love this method! 

This was the entrance to our cabin.   Made me wish I'd brought a long my skis and  ice skates--Yes!  They had a little skating rink right outside the main lodge.

My mom and me at Quilt Camp.  It's been a while since we could do this together.   

The last project I worked on Sunday Morning was a cover for my Mom's calendar.  No pattern, just cut and designed to fit her calendar.   That's a challenge in itself, and always takes longer than it should.  I free-motion stitched it for her to add an added layer of texture and dimension to it.  My mom is a great quilter in her own right (She does a lot with the applique wall hangings and special stitches.), but she doesn't do free-motion quilting like this, so she appreciated it even more.    And I got to keep a chunk of the leftover fabric.  Love this Olokun blue!

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