Sunday, March 03, 2013

Liberate Your Art : aka The Joys of Seeing Your Work in Print

My professionally-printed post cards came this week!  They look beautiful!  Thank you!
20 postcards with my very own images for about $23 including shipping.

All of the images I chose for printing were class assignments from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers 2 online class.  There's about 5 weeks left.  I may have to sign up for the 2013 round, as I'll miss the weekly lessons.  It's become a regular part of my week.  I've learned so much about photography and PhotoShop Elements this past year.  

My friend Lynda said this would be a big step for me--to see my work professionally printed.  Glossy.  Wow!  I feel like an official artist--like I've "arrived" or something.   Good stuff!

This is for the 2013 Liberate Your Art Postcard Exchange hosted by Kat Sloma at Kat Eye Studio.
I sent off my contributions on Saturday.  In April, I will get 6 postcards back from other participating artists.  Something to look forward to ...

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davidmorelphoto said...

I rec'd one of your postcards! Thank you! :-)