Saturday, March 09, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 93 : Clarity

This week in Beyond Layers II, Kim asked us to think about Clarity in our lives.   
I decided to make it a visual meditation with the above image.  

Layer 1 : Background Image
Here is my original image, taken last summer in front of our brand new flat-screen tv.  
It made a marvelous backdrop!  The sun was streaming in from above with a divine light.  
In truth, I am pleased with this image as is--and still I played with layers ...


Layer 2 : Black and White
Layer 3 : Kim Klassen's Clarity Texture; Multiply Blend Mode 37%
Layer 4 : Text "Clarity" in Ruthie Font with Diamond Edge Style
Layer 5 : Text "Sometimes..." Papyrus Font with Scalloped Edge Style

I wasn't happy with the flat fonts until I added the layer styles.  It gave the words some "life" and definition on that black background.  Really helped the text to blend in with the classic black and white of the rose. 


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CatieAn said...

oh my gosh. This is breathtaking.