Sunday, June 08, 2014

2BD49 : Kim's Tulips - A Make It Yours Editing Challenge

I've had this lesson open on my laptop for a few weeks now.  That curled up tulip petal makes me think of a story from Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (at least I think that's where the story is from.)  She talks about a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, but that it only has a certain amount of time to pump juice into it's wings so they "fluff out" and are ready to fly.  This particular butterfly must have gotten stuck in the coming out process.  When it finally did emerge, it's wings were  monstrously deformed, crinkled.  This butterfly would never fly.  It walked away as best as it could ...  I'm sure it was picked up by a bird soon thereafter.  

Not quite perfect.  And that's ok.    I'm still talking about that butterfly with awe and wonder many years after it happened. 

Here's the image Kim shared with the class.    
We all started with this image.
After some basic edits in Picasa, adjusting the highlights and shadows,
I pulled it into RadLab and added the Rusty Cage and Iron Mouse filters.

After that, I pulled it into PhotoShop Elements.
Added The Coffee Shop Orton Effect Action 
Text : Aquiline Two Font
Brush Banner to set off the text (Soft Light 38%)

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