Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Free & Easy : Unfold Your Own Myth

There are so many possibilities with a feather like this, don't you think?
There's the Icarus story, where he flew too high and fell from the sky ...
There's the idea of writing your own stories as with a feather quill pen ...
Wings unfolding ...

So many stories just waiting to write themselves, just waiting to be lived!

What will you do with your wild and precious life?  -- Mary Oliver

Photo Processing Recipe :
Layer 1 : Background image
Layer 2 : Copy Layer 1 - Screen blend mode : 19%
Layer 3 : Text : Aquiline Two Font
Layer 4 : Text - Author Attribution in same font
Layer 5 : Kim Klassen's Paper-Stained Light Texture ; Multiply 100%
Layer 6 : Kim Klassen's Storm Texture; Soft Light 33%

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Beverly said...

Very beautiful and artful Michelle! So lovely to frame!

Barbara said...

I love feathers also and agree so many ways and love what you have done.

Melinda said...

Beautiful image!!! Love Mary Oliver- glad to see her words here.

CarolHart said...

Simply beautiful. Love that quote!

EarlK said...

Beautiful composition. The textures really make the total image.