Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Thistle Lover

I took this photo last fall with my Big-Girl Camera, with the telephoto lens.  I still had to crop in to focus on the goldfinch. One of the better shots on that photo walk.

Here's the Photo Processing Recipe :
Layer 1 ) Background Image, cropped and balanced.
Layer 2)  MO8-2012-3 Overlay texture by Jerry Jones - Screen Blend Mode at 48%
Layer 3) 2LO Creative Mask Set2-22 Texture - Overlay 21%
Layer 4) 2LO Grandeur 1 Texture (masked off bird) - Multiply  at 56%
Layer 5) 2LO 2(5) Texture from Artisan Collection (big set) - Overlay at 23%
masked off bird
Layer 6) Kim Klassen's Waterfront Magic 7 Texture - Screen 26%

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1 comment:

Beverly said...

This shot is a real beauty! Love the colorfulness, and the birds pose. The finches here love the coneflower seeds in the autumn, but I wasn't able to capture any last fall. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!