Sunday, June 15, 2014

Composed Fabric for June

I was getting ready to quilt the baby quilt, and decided to "warm up" on a piece of composed fabric.    See the recipe for Sweet Leaf Composed Fabric here.    All those little bits of thread tails, schnibbles, and cut off ends otherwise too small to save.


I was able to use up 2 baggies of scraps, yarns and thread tales--including a few spools of rotten rayon thread that just breaks in the machine anytime I try to sew with it.   See that purple clump in the middle?  I cut the thread off the spool, rather than dribbling the thread on top.

I started using black silk to do the overlay.   It has a much smoother / richer feel to it than the rough and plastic-y tulle.  I'm not sure if it's the black silk gauze or chiffon, though.  I ordered both from Dharma recently but can't quite tell which is which.  The amazing thing is that is literally disappears over the scraps while it's holding everything in. 


Here's a slightly wider shot of about 1/2 the piece. 
Destined to be a journal cover later this year.  I think I can get 2 regular size covers out of this piece, and possibly a 1/4-size journal. 

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Genius that bit about salvaging the rotten rayon thread this way! Can't believe you save all those tiny bits. And I thought I was obsessive. ;-) I can attest to how wonderful that silk overlay feels when handling one of your journals.