Sunday, June 15, 2014

Arc en Ciel Quilt Finished

Just finished this baby quilt for our newest little cousin in France : Baby Eole.    In American English, we think of him as Errol (as in Errol Flynn, the great swash-buckling actor from those old movies).      
This was the Baby Bargello kit from Keepsake Quilting several years ago.  I worked it up into a cascading rainbow pattern rather than the cardiogram shown in the pattern.

I quilted it with swirls and loops--Eole seems to mean wind.  It was a character in ancient Greek myths.  Eole was the one who blew the wind into Ulysses sails on his epic journeys.   With all those rectilinear squares in the quilt, the quilting needed some softness and curves to counter all the right angles.  

I like to use Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting.  I LOVE the way it crinkles up and looks antique after it's washed.  It's a magic moment to pull it out of the dryer to see the transformation from a stiff and compacted piece you've been working on to the soft and crinkled work in the pictures.

I just need to show my Mom and Aunt Rosita next week, then make a label and pack it off to France. 

Here I am with little Eole back in May when we got to meet him on our trip to France.  I offered to hold him during dinner so his parents could eat their meals.  I remember how hard that was with a little one ...  He's a good baby, with very attentive and wise parents.  ;-)

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