Sunday, October 09, 2011

October Star Fish Fabric Post Card

I made this little postcard as a warm-up to The Elephant Reunion thread sketched journal quilt.

Detail of the free-motion stitching.

Notes on the making of it :
I layered the following from the bottom up : Stiffy (similar to Timtex) +fusible +orange fabric +black fabric on top. I fused it, then flipped it over, and drews a rough looking star on the Stiffy side, then I stitched over it from the Stiffy side.

Then I flipped it over and cut out the black top layer from INSIDE the newly stitched star shape. Then I stitched a slight zigzag over the black edges of the star to secure and stabilize them.

Then I free-motion stitched swirls ans circles over the orange star.

Finally, I fused a piece of muslin to the Stiffy side, then did a short satin stitch around the edges.

It's mail worthy now!

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