Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge : Stacked Journals

Over at The Sketchbook Challenge, Kelli Perkins encouraged us to literally stack our journals up and take a picture. It is pretty incredible to see what I've compiled in the last few years. All those secrets, all those plans and designs -- some of which have actually come to fruition. These journals are bursting with ideas!

From the Top Down :
Sketchbook Challenge 2011 (nearly full)
Sweet Leaf Notebook - Epic Series
Midnight Garden - Techniques Journal (full)
Sweet Leaf Notebook 2009-2010 (full)
Sweet Leaf Notebook 2011 -
Creative Cues Journal 2010 - Walnut Ink

I made all the journals above except the moleskin on the top of the stack.

Way back in January, I was wondering if I'd be able to fill up a whole journal in 1 year. Now, with 3 months left to go, and about a dozen blank pages left, I'm wondering if I'll have to start another one before the end of the year? That moleskin on the top is the Sketchbook Challenge Sketchbook.

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