Friday, October 07, 2011

Preparations for Quilt Camp : Tea Leaves

I'm getting ready for quilt camp today ... I know I'm packing way too much stuff, but I never know what I'll feel like doing, or what I'll need to do it ...

My main objective for the weekend is to quilt the Tea Leaves quilt above. It's not a huge quilt, so it's do-able on my domestic sewing machine. That's always easier at Quilt Camp because I have more room and less clutter to shift the quilt under the machine.

This is the general idea for quilting The Tea Leaves quilt.

That kind of work can be meditative, or exhausting. So I'm bringing a number of other project packs to work on including a couple of journal quilts I'm hoping to get a good start on--maybe I'll even finish one of them? Think thread-sketching ...

In the packing, I came across this Vanilla Tea which is complete comfort food for me. It's no longer available for sale, so these are the last 3 tea bags I have of it. What a treat that will be for a 4 pm pick-me-up each day!

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I wish I was going on a quilt camp right now. Sounds wonderful.