Sunday, October 16, 2011

Siblings Thread Sketch : Sketchbook Challenge - View

Thread Sketch on Hand-dyed Fabric
Size : 9-1/2 x 8-1/2 in.

I did another (much simpler) thread sketch based on this photo my sister took of her kids in Japan this past Spring :

She took this picture after the earthquake in March 2010. The kids were walking in the middle of the street in Ginza during a celebration where kids were allowed to walk in the streets. Having lived through that terrible earthquake, tsunami, and the ensuing nuclear scare, it literally changed their View of life. You can read about my sister's thoughts on it here and here, if you are so inclined. Although many foreigners left Japan at that time, my sister decided to stay.

Here's the initial sketch.

Notes on the Making :
Stitching through the Golden Threads tracing paper worked fine in this sketch as it was not so densely stitched as Elephant Reunion.

I went over all the lines at least twice. I added the heart to frame the kids. They really are heading into the future shaped by this experience. Even though they are too small to remember much, they know the world is different. The Japanese People know the world is different. Not unlike 9-11 after my son was born.

I see the Heart as a Blessing or Protection for them on their journey, so far from family in WI.

Since it is small enough, I decided against any background filler quilting for this one.
For their shadows, I just used a black Sharpie marker to fill in the shapes. I didn't want it to get heavy or distorted with stitch.


My Sweet Prairie said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah! LOVE it! oh I love it! Boy, picking the right photo makes it such a wonderful keepsake! ; )


Karen M said...

What a great way to capture a memory. You've done a wonderful job on this.