Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red Barn Quilt No. 2 : Raspberry Cordial Quilt Top

One more project progressed at Quilt Camp last week. I had so many leftover blocks from Unca Ray's Red Barn Quilt, that I decided to make a smaller one for myself. ;-)

Someone at Quilt Camp said it reminded her of chocolate-covered cherries. While these colors may evoke that for her, I have a difficult history with Maraschino cherries. Thus, I had to give it some other name. Hence : Raspberry Cordial.

It needed some filling out, so I added the brown borders. I also did something a little different with the top border ... So I'd easily be able to find the top. (Does it really matter?)

Now, as soon as I can get some more black Hobbs batting, I'll be able to start on the quilting. This one will be small enough to do at home, rather than renting time on the Tin Lizzie. I'm planning to use the same quilting pattern, only this time, I'll trace the pattern to Golden Threads quilting paper, pin baste it, and stitch over the lines.

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