Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beyond Layers Days 61-62 : Pieces of Me Scavenger Hunt

Favorite Chair
Coffee Shop Blog Golden Afternoon Action + Orton-ish Filter in Picassa

I skipped a few lessons so I could get to this one.   Kim gave us a 5-day Scavenger Hunt.   I tired to keep it simple--just things around the house, for the most part.  Every day Life.  And simple photo processing, too.  For the most part, these images use various PhotoShop Actions and other effects.

 On Your Feet
Old Photo Action - Soft Light 100%


Pioneer Woman's Soft Faded Action
Pioneer Woman's Warmer Action

 Kitchen Faucet
Old Paper Action - Normal 100%
Copy Last Layer - Multiply 69%

Of all the pictures in this set, this one was the biggest surprise.  The Old Paper Processing really makes this tired old faucet look elegant.  That -- and I am truly grateful for running and hot water!

Front Door
Old Photo Action
Coffee Shop Golden Afternoon Action
Ok--so it's not actually my front door.  It's a photo taken in LaCanourge, France.  ;-)

Currently Reading
Polaroid Treatment in Picassa
It's tough to demonstrate what I'm currently reading when it's on my Kindle.

Light Fixture
Another wonderful quote from Rumi, that 14th century mystic, 
and the greatest-selling poet of ALL time.

 Favorite Beverage
I've been drinking cranberry juice just about every day for more than 30 years.  A doctor once told my Dad it would be good for his prostate, so it was in the house.  I took to the Cranberry Juice ; my Dad didn't.   ;-)

Though Your Window
This is a Wisconsin barn in my "drive-by" series.   The window is the car windshield, where the bugs and smutz add character and texture!
Kim Klassen's Old Barn Recipe with the addition of several Rad Lab Filters.
I have to say what a miracle the spot-healing tool is.  There was a light pole right in the middle of this pic, and spot-healing cleaned it up, like magic!


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