Sunday, November 25, 2012

9 New Journals

 Commercial Fabric Journal.    $15

 These journals (and many more) will be for sale at the UU Art & Craft Sale next Saturday in Appleton, WI.     If you see something you like, let me know.  We can work out something through PayPal.  I'll mail them anywhere in the world!

*  All Journals are hand-made and contain 3 signatures of a creamy antique-laid paper (really nice stationary!) totaling 60 pages per journal.

Composed Fabric made of Recycled Scraps  $30
Rolled Polymer Clay Closure - also handmade by me

Detail of the Composed Fabric

Composed Fabric made of Recycled Scraps - $30

Commercial Fabric Journal   - $15

"Fall Harvest"   Commercial Fabric Journal - $15

Hand Dyed Paper Cover - 1/4-Size Journal        $15

Composed Fabric Journal in Blue - Made from Recycled Scraps   1/4-Size    $20
Back side

"Blue Moon"    -  Hand-Dyed Fabric    $20
Detail of the "Moon" Closure

Composed Fabric Journal in Blue - Made of Recycled Fabric and Paper Scraps and Threads     $30
Back Side
Detail with Closure

Detail of Composed Fabric

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