Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 90 : My Take


 Today Kim gave us another one of her images to interpret as we liked--as long as it contained at least 1 layer of her Linda texture.  At top, you see my final version.  I had worked it up through Layer 8 (see processing below) and it was still very heavy, gray, wintery.    I was thinking about the quote, and decided it needed 1 additional layer (Layer 9 Overlay 100%) of Regular Jane's lovely golden bokeh textures to make it "come alive with light."

Wow!  This made all the difference between a somber and heavy mood and a light, golden mood.
It's also the difference between winter and summer seasons!

Here's what I did to it Layer by Layer :
Background Layer : Kim's sample pic (See below ...)  Cropped
Layer 2 : Copy background layer - RadLab : Warm It Up Kris - Normal 100%
Layer 3 : Duplicate Layer 2 - Multiply 100%
Layer 4 : Kim's Texture Linda - Multiply 100%
Layer 5 : Kim's Cherish Texture - Soft Light 100%
Layer 6 : Copy Layer 5 - Multiply 65%
Layer 7 - Text - Rough Typewriter - Normal 44%
Layer 8 - Text - Author attribution - Soft Light 59%
                I almost stopped here with this :

This is Kim's sample/seed pic.


Beverly said...

The final photo is just fantastic Michelle! You are right it feels like summer with the golden tones. It is interesting that you have a quote in mind early, and i can't find one until the photo is finished. Well done!!

Ahayes1225 said...

Wonderful color and quote. Quite a different take.

Patrice said...

Love the bokeh!

Colleen Ray said...

Love the beautiful golden light that you've created!

Paula said...

Utterly gorgeous! I am in love with the light in this photo. Well done!