Saturday, April 12, 2014

2BD44 Moody Magic

"Grace ... transforms an ordinary moment into something better."
        --Carolyn Myss

For this lesson, Kim encouraged us to pick a simple subject against a darker background to create a "moody magic" image.   Not sure I hit the mark or not ...   Kim's wonderful demo image was much more earthy and rustic with pears and delicious light.   It was truly magic to watch that transformation!     I put a vase of flowers in front of our tv with a nice dark flat screen with light coming in from above.    I got out my "big-girl" camera with the fancy lenses.   The main thing for me this lesson was to use LightRoom to do some of the editing ...  I can't even tell you what I did in LightRoom ... Cropped the original image down a bit, then just played with the sliders in Light Room.   Desaturated a bit.  

I did pull it into PSE to do some additional tweaking, but textures don't really work on this dark background.  There's nothing for them to "grab" onto.  I also tried adding the Grace quote above, but it seemed to take away from the flowers, so in the end, I went back to LightRoom and exported the image as you see it above. 

Beyond Layers


The Idaho Beauty said...

This took my breath away when it came up on my screen. Very dramatic and creates a mood, if not actually moody in you mind. I was surprised there was no quotation across the dark background, but your explanation makes perfect sense. Just beautiful.

Eija said...

Moody or not, I love this picture! Beautiful shot, and thanks for the TV hint. ;-)

Eija said...

Love this picture, moody or not. It's beautiful, plain and simple. Thank you so much for the TV hint! ;-)