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Pumpkin Pie Soap

Pumpkin Pie Soap

This was by far the most ambitious soap I've ever made what with the colorants and the marbling.  And so worth it!

Watch the video at Soaping 101

Bastille Soap (4 pounds)
4 oz       Castor Oil
16 oz     Coconut Oil
44 oz     Olive Oil

8.82 oz.  Sodium Hydroxide (aka Lye)
21.12      Distilled Water

Add the following based on the Libby's famous Pumpkin Pie Recipe
1/2 oz Sodium Lactate (for a harder bar)
1/4 tsp powdered sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dried egg whites (I left this out since I didn't have any)
1 oz. milk (discount water content accordingly)
4 Tablespoons Pumpkin Puree
Fragrance / essential oil blend
       (I used the Pumpkin Pie Spice Fragrance Oil from Mystic Mountain Sage.
       Anything mix of  pumpkin, vanilla, clove and cinnamon would also work well.)
Whipped Cream - optional (I left this out since we didn't have any)

Add the lye to the water as you normally would in a swell-ventilated area.  Be safe.
     > Also mix in the sugar, salt, and sodium lactate until dissolved.  Let cool to 100 degrees (or so).

Add the lye water to the oils when they are both about the same temperature (100 degrees, or so).

Blend until a light trace.

Separate out some soap for accent colors.  

Colorants :
Although there are lots of sites on the web willing to tell you about using herbs, spices, and clays for coloring soap.  No one really gave any specifics of how much.  I guess it depends on the color your're after.   Here's what I used I kept adding a 1/4-cup of soap base until I thought I had enough :

1 tsp cocoa powder to 1/2-3/4 cup soap base - Cocoa Brown
1 tsp tumeric to 1/2-3/4 cup soap base - Yellow / Gold
1 tsp paprika to 3/4 cup soap base  (Could have used a less paprika.) - Red

I also had some cinnamon ready to go, but decided not to use it as it can be a skin irritant.  I was also afraid the color might be too similar to the other 3. 

Back to the soap base at trace, add the following :

4 Tablespoons of Libby's pumpkin pie in a can (or other pumpkin puree)
         (Soaping 101 recommends 1 T per pound of soap.)
1 oz Whole Milk
1/4 tsp powdered egg white
4 teaspoons Pumpkin Pie Spice Fragrance Oil
         (1 tsp per pound of soap)
Whipping Cream

Mix well.  Pour the base into the prepared slab mold.

Pour on the accent colors (Watch the video for this part.)  Soaping 101 recommends pouring from on high so the colors penetrate to the bottom of the tray.
Add the remaining colors--scribbled an top of the soap in tray.  Scrape out the last bits and decorate the top of the soap in tray.  Swirl with a stick as if you are marbling - corner to corner and swirly.

Leave uncovered.  Unmold after 24 hours.  Cut into bars and let cure for 6-8 weeks.

Voi la!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow! The recipients will HAVE to be SO impressed by these, especially this marbled one.