Sunday, April 20, 2014

2BD46 Triptych Challenge

This week, Kim challenged us to make a Triptych.  Either shots cropped out of 1 image, or taken in a series.  This forced me once again to use Light Room -- There are still many things about it that are not intuitive, but I muddled through and produced the image above.   Once I had the layout, I took it into PSE to add a texture layer as a frame. 

Beyond Layers


The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice still life! The triptych is an interesting idea and I like how this turned out.

Michele Matucheski said...

Thanks, Sheila. If you look at the painted gauze, it almost looks like it could be continuous. But if you look at the buttons, you see repeats. It was kind of a creative way to cut up the image--beyond just cutting it into thrids.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Huh - well you fooled me - I did think it was continuous but now that I've studied again, I can see what you actually did. So you are even more clever than I thought!