Sunday, April 06, 2014

Aloe Vera Soap

With the trip to France coming, up, I needed to make something to give people as gifts (people who host a dinner for us, or let us stay with them, or just long-time family friends).  I decided to try a few new recipes and scents this year.

I've been choosing recipes for which I can purchase oils at the grocery store.  This simple practice saves a bundle on shipping charges!

Aloe Vera Soap
Recipe from  Soap Recipes 101 (slightly amended by me)

14.9 oz Coconut Oil
13.4 oz. Olive Oil
10.5 oz  Palm Oil  (I did not use the recommended lard)
2.5 oz Shea Butter
9.6 oz  Aloe Vera Gel and water puree (add water to the aloe until you reach the 9.6 oz total)
6.04 oz Lye (aka Sodium Hydroxide)
         > The amount of lye is also amended slightly because I substituted palm oil for the original lard.
9.9 oz  Water

Fragrance : French Linden Blossom or Yling-Ylang Mrryh (1 tsp per pound of soap)

I have a monster Aloe plant that needed to be cut back.  The other day, I think I heard it say "Feed me, Seymour."  It took about a dozen "beefy" arms to scrape enough gel for this recipe.  The plant was happy to be of service. ;-)

Note :  Because the aloe gel was a bit lumpy, I pureed the aloe before adding it to the nearly traced soap.  The gel became kind of brown and watery--I thought I "broke" it, but soldiered on.   Traced happened VERY quickly after I added the aloe gel to the soap.  


Chel said...

What is the ratio of water and aloe gel?

Anonymous said...

9.6 oz Aloe Vera Gel and water puree (add water to the aloe until you reach the 9.6 oz total). I used several "arms" from a large aloe vera plant. I think I actually had enough aloe gel so that I didn't have to make up the difference with water (It was a really BIG aloe vera plant with plenty to give ...) If you didn't have enough, you could fill in with water to make to total 9.6 oz.

There is an additional and separate measure of water in this recipe.

Does that answer your question?