Monday, April 28, 2014

Liberate Your Art Postcard Exchange 2014 : The Extra Swap Edition

One of the joys of the Liberate Your Art Postcard Exchange is seeing all the beautiful cards that were part of the project.  I've joined a tradition of asking the Makers of my favorite cards out there if they have any cards left and if they would be willing to do an extra swap, above-and-beyond the 5 we got in the official exchange.   More often than not, they are willing and able--if I was able to find them.  Seems like a number of people chose to remain anonymous this year.   It is a great honor to be asked if I have any cards left, too, because it means someone is genuinely interested in my artwork.  ;-)  And in a few days, we have mailboxes bursting full with more joy.  Here's what came post swap :

 Breathe by Siobahn Wolf in Ohio
This looks like something I would stop and take a photograph of--a leaf on concrete.  ;-)

Namaste by Snap Lane in Texas.
This one just makes me smile contentedly.  

 This gorgeous image came from Janice Darby in California.  
I didn't realize she printed it to black paper.   Such a lovely image!

I received one of Claire's postcards as part of the official exchange, but she liked my Old Homestead image so much she asked for one, so I sent it.  In exchange, Claire sent this garden-inspired artist trading card, complete with a paper puzzle case. 
This is such a nice thing Kat set up, making the world a better place, and allowing us to make connections we never other would have otherwise.  Speaking of Kat ...

This is one of Kat Sloma's iconic scooter pictures.  Those of you who've been part of the LYA Postcard exchange from the beginning will recognize it.  This is the card Kat send out to all participant's that year.     I got it because ...

In addition to the extra swap cards, I also won this book : Good Mail Day : A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Art.  Kat Sloma had a drawing and gave it to one lucky participant of the 2014 swap.  It landed here in Oshkosh, WI, along with one of Kat's iconic scooter photographs.  Cool!  Thank you, Kat!  This will give me lots of ideas for what to do next year.  ;-)

Looking forward to LYA 2015 already!

Look at what I sent and received in the 2014 LYA Exchange.  
At the bottom of that post, you'll see the links for the blog hop to get a taste of the art that was part of the exchange this year.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

How nice for you! Looking forward to what that book inspires you to create.