Sunday, April 13, 2014

2BD44 More Moody Magic

I wanted to try another round on Kim's Moody Magic Recipe.  This time, I started with an image that was more similar with the warm earth tones.  I really wanted to get the lovely browns in the bottle that she got here.

In LightRoom, I played with the sliders to darken shadows, blacks, added a tone curve to accentuate highlights and make moodier shadows.   Still don't quite understand what I'm doing with split tones.   I did add the Waterfront7 Magic Texture on Screen blend mode, masking out the bottle.     

I also used an additional Hue Adjustment Layer in PSE to tone down the aqua/blues in the bottle.  But I never did quite get the lovely browns from split toning that Kim did.  Somewhere I missed a step. 

Here's another try at it ...  Worked up in Light Room with no less than 54 tweaks and adjustments.
Then on over into PSE for a couple of Texture layers : Waterfront7 Magic on screen blend mode and then duplicated with soft light blend mode.  I think I'm getting the hang of this!

Here's the original photo I started with.  Even on this gray overcast April day, there seems to be too much light.   I think I prefer the moody version. ;-)

Beyond Layers

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