Monday, February 04, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 80 : Soar

 Today in Beyond Layers, Kim asked us to soar.    I don't have very many flying bird pictures in my personal photo archives, but I did find this lone pelican.   In the summer, we often see flocks of them soaring in spirals, climbing thermals to higher altitudes.  It's quite a site to see!

The task lesson today was to use the clone stamp to copy a subject and move it over.  Then use the clone stamp again to erase the original subject.  After more diddling-around than I care to admit, I finally got it to work.  I can see how this would be a very useful tool.

I tried a number of textures, but nothing really seemed to improve on the original blue and yellow sky.

Here's the original image straight from my camera.

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Anonymous said...

I like that pelican picture.