Saturday, February 23, 2013

Golden Rumbelle Magic

It feels like forever since I worked up an image!  This one has been percolating in my mind ever since Once Upon a Time's Belle was pushed over the town line and lost her memory.  For those of you who don't know the story, Belle and Rumplestiltskin are living out a Beauty & the Beast storyline in the show.    A few week's ago, their story took a tragic turn soap opera-style.  Now Belle is terrified of Rumple because she doesn't recognize him AND he uses this freaky thing called magic.  And poor Rumple--Belle is the one person in the world who could see his heart-of-gold and now she no longer recognizes him.  It's just so heart-breakingly sad!

However, I know in my heart-of-hearts that they will regain the love they once had for each other--and make more!  Their lives are intertwined as much as yarn spun by any spinner.  This is just a temporary setback in their story. Let's hope it won't take another 30 years to overcome!

Photo-processing Layer by Layer :
Background Layer : a Frosty February window at my house a few weeks ago
      Copy background layer - Soft Light 51%
Regular Jane's beautiful Raining Light Bokeh Texture - Soft Light 100%
Text - Jellyka Le Grande Saut Font with a Royal Gold Style (?)
          Quote by Rumi
Jinterwas's Sparklng Stars Golden Texture - Soft Light  100%
      Copy Jinterwas's Golden Texture - Soft Light 48%
Hue Saturation Adjustment to lighten things up - It was getting a little too red
Rumbelle Pic - Overlay 100%
Spinning Wheel Brush (made by me!) - Overlay 100%
          Copy Spinning Wheel Brush layer
Swan Brush by Vandelay - Overlay 79%
I know--I know the Swan is Emma's symbol.  But aren't we all ugly duckings looking for our tribe?  I needed something to tie Rumbelle to the spinning wheel visually, and I wasn't coming up with any golden threads ... although, there must be some light streaks out there that would work ...    Rumbelle are mated for life, so the Swan works for them, too.

I know, you're asking what about the chipped cup?  Belle shattered it when she threw it against the wall.  And besides, it's just a cup.  Their Love is the real treasure, not the cup.

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding this wise woman to the post.  It's just such a nicely done photo!
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.  Maybe she's one of the Spinsters who raised Rumple after his father ran off?

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