Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 84 : Make a Mosaic

Kim's assignment this week was to make a mosaic, or collage.  I chose some pictures from our trip to Alaska last summer.  In Fairbanks, we took the very well-done Riverboat Discovery Tour.  One stop on the tour was The Chena Indian Village.   There were so many things to photograph there, I decided to focus on the buckskinner aspects of the Village for this assignment.

Each image is on it's own layer which allows you to rotate

Background Texture : Kim Klassen's Paper and Paste
Brushes : Bear Tracks from Obsidian Dawn's SS_Animal Tracks
Brushes : Cottonwood Leaf from Shady Medusa's Foliage 01
Font : Clive Barker

It took me a while to find the perfect brush for the cottonwood leaf.  I remember smelling the Balsam Cottonwoods in Fairbanks.   It was the time of year their fragrant resin was running.  That is one of my favorite smells on this beautiful Earth!


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Mary Ann Roesler said...

Your bear prints walked me through a lovely memory of your Alaskan trip. Thanks for sharing.