Saturday, February 09, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 82 : Snowflake Art

Today's lesson was to start with a blank slate in PSE and "make some art."   Kim used the ellipse tool and the custom-shape tool.  I decided the brush (stamp) tool did a very similar thing.  So once again, I took the lesson and ran with it ...

I absolutely love Winter! Enough said ...

After I had a base to work on,  I just started piling on the snowflakes in new layers, varying the brushes, placement and sizes.  Then I experimented with the blend modes after they were all piled on.  I did not set a color pallette as Kim suggested in the lesson, as I wanted to see how much variation I could get with just the brushes on the background and the different blend modes.

I used Real Snowflake Brushes by Nolamom3507, but there are lots of free snowflake brushes out there for free if you want to try it yourself.

Image Processing :
Background Layer : Blank Background 8-1/2 x 11 in.
Layer  : Color Fill - Blue
Layer 1 : Snowflakes  Normal blend mode  100%
Layer 2 : Snowflakes  Overlay  100%
Layer 2 Copy   (make the turquoise blue color a little brighter)
Layer 3 : Snowflakes  Luminosity  74%
Layer 4 : Snowflakes Soft Light 100%
Layer 5 : Snowflakes  Normal 50%
Layer 6 : Snowflakes  Normal 100%
Layer 7 : Snowflakes  Normal 100%
Layer 8 : Kim Klassen's Magic Texture 2bl     Screen  32%

That's it!


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