Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 52 : Dream-Like

I took the photo from last week and tried it with Kim's Dream-Like recipe from this week.  Although her image came out with a beautiful golden glow, I'm underwhelmed with how my image came out.  
It looks really flat to me.  Disappointing.  
I'm feeling like it needs some kind of Rescue Treatment to save it.
Where did I go wrong?  Did I pick the wrong image for this treatment?

Maybe it will look better in the morning?

For the record, here are the steps Photo Processing :
Layer 1 : Background Image
Layer 2 : Copy background image.  
               Enhance >Adjust Color > Color Variations
               Mid-tones : Increase Red            Shadows : Increase Red          Adjust intensity
Layer 3 : Adjustment Layer - Brightness / Contrast - Lower Contrast to -50
Layer 4 : Adjustment Layer - Gradient Map > BtoW     Screen Blend Mode  40%
Layer 5 : Adjustment Layer - Solid Color > Blue       Exclusion at 24%
Layer 6 : Adjustment Layer - Hue Saturation or Levels
Layer 7 : Hue Saturation - Lower Yellows
Layer 8 : Add Kim Klassen's Yesteryear Texture    Soft Light 65%
Layer 9 : Add Kim Klassen's Thursday Texture   Soft Light 40%
Layer 10 : Add Text    Caflisch Pro Script

 In this version, I added 1 more layer of Texture to make the sky a little more interesting. 
More like Dorothy in Kansas in a dust storm, not Oz.

Here's the original photo taken this summer.

Here's the rendering from last week.   
I dream in Technicolor, so in my mind, this is more dream-like.


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farmlady said...

I love the last photo. That layer that looks like the photo was processed on old paper is cool. I don't have Photoshop. I have Picasa3. It's free online and part of Google. I love it.
I would have brought it in to focus with a sharp central focus, used the soft focus around the edges (for the dream like quality) and then brightened it just a little. It might just need sharpening.
But it is a lovely shot. I also like the quote.