Thursday, November 01, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 49 : Seeing Your Gifts

Today, Kim asked us to consider our own unique gifts in the world--in the mundane.   
Have someone photograph us doing everyday things.  Sewing.

Another letter from Myriam (I love that woman!)

Although I've been sewing since about 1st grade, I've only been quilting since about 2004.
I love color, pattern and texture.  I love the layers that free-motion stitching adds to a quilt.
Consider this a sneak-peak for my most recent quilt.  It still needs the binding and label, but it's very close to being complete!  More about this quilt soon ...

Both images used the same basic photo processing :
Layer 1 : Background Copy
Layer 2 : Kim Klassen's Wonderful Magic Texture ; Soft Light 44% opacity
Layer 3 : Text - Pea Aimee

I couldn't decide which version I liked better, so I'm offering both.  Enjoy!



Julia said...

The sneak peek of that quilt is just lovely. I hope you will share the full quilt when it is complete. Any other quilts? I think quilting is an amazingly intricate and beautiful art form.

Beverly said...

I adore seeing the quilts others make because they show the personality of the person that made it. I've made a few quilts, but have moved away from doing that after other creative interests came along. Maybe I'll do it again one day - I still have my tools and ideas. Both versions of textures are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Is this a panel from your seven sisters project? The colors are beautiful!