Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 56 : Instgram-ish

This week, we played with some Instagram-like Actions for PhotoShop Elements.  
There are a few out there, but more for PhotoShop CS. 

The background layers for the above collage are a Kerstin Frank Texture and 

This is the Nashville Action for PSE from Everyday Elements. 

Lot's of wonderful stuff there.  Have a look around!

Kim also gave us a recipe that seemed "Instagram-ish."  
I have to say that I was true to Kim's Recipe except for the Levels adjustments.  I went with the Auto settings in PSE.  My histogram differed enough from Kim's sample that her recommendations turned things very strange colors. That's the thing : Every photo is different!

This is my original photo (for comparison).  This was a heart hanging outside a house in Samoens, France.  Hearts seemed to be the symbol of the village. They were everywhere!

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