Thursday, November 08, 2012

Seven Sisters Quilt


This wall quilt was several years in the making.  I am part of a Women's Group that meets about once a month (minus summers).  Last September, we celebrated our 5th anniversary.  I feel very close to these ladies after so many hours of sharing our hearts and minds!  ;-)

Last year, I asked each member to pick their favorite colors.  Most of us couldn't limit it to just one color.  Each star is unique and reflects the Sister who chose the colors.

Michelle K - Amber - Rosemary - Samara - Krsitin - Joy - and Me



 Michelle K.


Michele M.  (That's Me!)


2 more stars quilted into the corners for Elliot and Anne Marie who were both here at the start, but moved out of state a few years ago. You are not forgotten, you two!

The Wonky Star block pattern comes from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine (May/June 2009, Uneven Star by Virginia A. Walton) but the layout and setting is my own design.

More about the Group (for anyone interested) :  The Group began in September of 2007 as a Covenant Group through the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (I have a hard time saying Church, but that's what most people will recognize).  For a long time, we were The Oshkosh Covenant Group.  At some point, we decided we needed a flashier name.  At Kristin's house one night, we looked up at the stars over Lake Winnebago and decided on 7 Sisters.  That stuck.

We are apparently the longest-running Covenant Group in the history of the Fellowship.  We usually meet a member's house (this rotates).  We open the meeting by lighting a candle, and sharing a reflection (a poem or meditation related to the evening's topic).  Then we spend the first part of the meeting on check-in.  Then we have a topic to discuss--usually a simple word is the trigger--like Story, or Loss, or Found, or Defining Moments, Near Enemies ...  We have the next month to think about it and then come back to the group to share what that theme means to each of us.  Some nights, it's all check-in.  And that's ok, too.  I think the reason we've lasted so long is our flexibility and member's commitment.    That and we just plain LIKE each other!

See the post about the Making of 7 Sisters.

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift and tribute to the group! I continue to be amazed by your talents and insight. I feel blessed to have you in my life.
Thank you!