Saturday, November 03, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 50 : Dragon Color Board

  I think this was the most fun assignment yet for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class!

Here's the original image that I started with, taken at the Bristol Ren Faire outside of Chicago last summer.  Too much clutter in the background.   So I used the Quick Selection Tool to outline the dragon.  Then I cut and pasted him onto the Slate Background (2).  Then I used the spot healing tool to clean up some of the ragged edges, zooming in as needed for added detail.
Then I added another Lost and Taken Slate Texture (1) at Soft Light blend mode, 100% opacity to tie it all together.  Duplicated that Soft light slate layer, changing the blend mode to Multiply at 19%.  That got me this far.

For the rest, I followed Kim's instructions for the lesson, using the crop tool to extend the canvas.  I chose a black background to go with the colors of my image.  Then I picked a wet media brush (though I'm not sure which one exactly), and started adding layers and picking colors. 

It was fun!  I love how the colors POP on the black background.  It would be even cooler if they had a metalic sheen to them, but I'm not sure how to do that yet.  Anyone have suggestions?

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ju-north said...

Love this colour board! Day 58 (Beyond Layers II) 'painting with light' might give a sheen to the image, but even without one it is great!